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Heyyy! I am hoping to change the product page layout so that the product images are on the left and the product description is on the right (opposite of what it currently is). Any suggestions? I tried updating the float but that did not work. Thanks!...
Hi everyone! For the size variant, I am hoping to display the options as a dropdown menu instead of buttons on mobile only. I would like to keep the color as buttons for all displays though. Included an image for reference. Greatly appreciate any ide...
Helloooo I am trying to reposition the text in the Featured Collection on the homepage of the emerge theme. The text is currently centered and I would like it to be left adjusted. In addition, I would like to move the View Collection button to below ...
Thank you! Unfortunately the font sizes stay the same when I type in new values. Any other suggestions?
Thanks Diego! This adjust the position of the text on the slideshow but not for the grid with overlay section below. In addition, the text is still centered even though the position is on the left. Can you also share how to make the text left adjuste...
Heyyyy! Is it possible to move the text from the center of the image to the lower left corner in a the grid with overlay? And to make it left adjusted? Appreciate any help! Thank you! url: boobieshack.compw: surf
Hi! I am trying to increase the text size of header line on my featured video. I tried the code below, which works for the subheader text but not the header text. Any ideas? .featured-video--root h2.featured-heading {font-size: 70px;} url: boobieshac...
Hello! My images are showing up with different dimensions. I am hoping to make them consistent to match at least the size of the first image. Is it also possible to reduce the white space between each of the images? Greatly appreciate any help! Site ...
Hello! I am hoping to make edits to the homepage slideshow settings in the Emerge theme. I would like to:Reposition the text from the lower left to the middle leftReposition the slide circles from the lower right to the lower centerRemove the arrows ...
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