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Hi yes thats what i think and then each particular sizing chart would co-ordinate with the correct do i do that....would i goto /sections/product-template.liquid.<img  src="URL"> 
Helloo, I want to add sizing charts to my site- i have 6 charts in total relating to my 6 product collections - mens swimwear/ mens sleepwear/ mens underwear and equally womens swimwear/lingerie/sleepwearI want to match the relevant sizing chart to t...
Hi so i have been advised by shoipfy that my theme has some coding errors from a 3rd party (they deny this)...Some products on my store the text is visible and on others it is not - also i removed the shopify product review app but it still shows the...
To All who are trying to get a Pinterest data feed validated and active - i seriously spent months trying to put all the required data together in the format required by pinterest but kept getting declined. I found this app because i refused to give ...
Good Morning- I figured it out - it removed the product title but i also need to remove the add to cart button please and thanks
h im sorry i have done this twice now and no change 
i have done so but no change... .gradient {background: var(--color-background);background: var(--gradient-background);background-attachment: fixed;}@media screen and (forced-colors: active) {.icon {color: CanvasText;fill: CanvasText !important;}.icon...
Using Dawn theme and want to remove all product headings and add to cart button on the home page and collection page please.
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