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How can I delete the preset shopify emails and make my own on Klaviyo? I mean the emails about shipment updates, order confirmation.... 
Does Zendrop accept cash on delivery? 
Hi guys i have this problem can someone help me solve it? I wanna sell in all European countries & USA and one product I find in aliexpress ships only to Italy for example. What am I supposed to do if a customer from Germany orders it?
Can I get RMA numbers through Aftership Returns Center app? 
Once setting up taxjar to collect taxes in states & countries do I also need to set shopify to collect taxes? 
Does taxjar reports to tax office itself or only makes the reports?
If I refund - return an order using aftership return center app, will this order be updated in shopify's admin orders? 
While I'm doing dropshipping using aliexpress, when a return occurs what's the whole process I need to do? 
Can I make automated emails for order status using klaviyo app? If no what app can I use for that? 
Do I have to send a tax report to my accountant or all the things are synced automatically? And if I need the tax report where do I find it? 
Are Shopify Payments Available In Greece Or If Not Will they Be? 
Should I hire an accountant or should I add a program for the accounting of my store? And what's the process? What do I have to do? 
How do I deal with returns and refunds? What do I have to do when a customer want to return something? And is there an app to do everything automatically? 
Hi! I just want a suggestion. Should I start a General Or One Product Store? (This Will Be My First Store) 
Is there a way to automatically send the tracking number to customer by email? (I mean the original tracking number from aliexpress). If It's Not Automatic How Can I do it? 
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