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Hi, I would suggest installing a lazy loader. U can also check these and implement: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/online-store/store-speed/improving-speed , https://www.fulfillrite.com/blog/7-ways-to-speed-up-your-shopify-store/ , https://www.se...
Hi, what exactly was the problem u met while trying to do this? Shopify is responsive and u can sign in, customize, edit code, be in admin on any device width. Do u have a printscreen example of how u were not able to customize on ipad?
I noticed ur reply that it works now. Great! Happy about that! 
This reply was not needed in the end and is edited
U can find this a element in your code by searching for the classes that it has and then either delete it completely, or give it a class with display: none; . If you dont know how to do this I can send u request to access to store code and Ill do the...
Even in a trial store one can buy app, so do a payment for an app.But I do not think there is way of restricting a trial account from using a public app the same way as everyone else.
Shopify has meta descriptions exactly for this.U should watch at least some short yt video abt SEO so ull understand the basics.Then have ur keywords and think what type of things would people google search for relating to ur line of work.Then just u...
U gotta inspect ur page, click on the element, from that u see it's classes, then in ur code u can try searching for the text itself, if u dont find it that way try searching for the classes, by that u will find the exact spot where it is, there u ca...
U should contact the shopify 24/7 suport with this: https://help.shopify.com/en/support/login
Wasnt it just a temporary bug? Cuz the button choose options works now on all ur collections, products. Did u do something to stop it? Do u still have some problem to be solved?
Inspect the element and change its class to { color: red; } in css
I see. R u using an app for the options? Because most of your products do not have multiple options, so of course that button will not lead anywhere if it's non existent. But the product black horse that has more than 1 variant has functioning view o...
Where exactly on ur page is the choose options button that u r speaking of?
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