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OK, a couple of questions for you:   Does the app become unembedded just once, or are you stuck in a loop?Does the app eventually redirect back? It might take a few seconds depending on the app and your internet connection.Per the "Retrieve the host"...
Hi SnailBlast!Sorry to hear about your redirection issues. Could you confirm which version of app-bridge you're running?To my mind this seems like an issue with Oauth. If you're trying to build an embedded app, you need to first check `isShopifyEmbed...
Thanks for getting back to us. Would you mind providing a few more details so we can better look into your issue?   What distribution method have you selected for your app?You mentioned "When I install the application." Are you able to successfully i...
Hello,   Thanks for reaching out. The issue you're seeing is because you've hardcoded the `host` value. Per our documentation for Retrieve the host:   "The host is provided as a URL query parameter appended to your application URL when your app is lo...
I'd like to help, but I don't see an attachment to your topic. Could you reply with the attachment or, better, the error message itself?
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