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I never found a way, I am more distant from this part of our operation now but I think we are still seeing it
Nothing concrete. I'm being told that it must be something on the customers input into the form. Still happens regularly for us, I think we are going to find a workaround rather than a solution unfortunately.
Sure I'll reply back if i can anything concrete, its been raised to our shopify rep
Thanks for replying. 100% not customer error, we have a lot of stores and see this a lot!
Hi I know this is an old thread but you ever fix/find a reason? I'm seeing this exact issue a lot in my customer stores, seems to mainly effect UK addresses too. thanks!
I just checked with a fresh install of DAWN and I have it as above, in customize > featured collection not sure why you don't?
I'll get back to you on the 2 products in a row when I can test but to change the link for "continue shopping", you'll need to edit the "main-cart-items.liquid" file. find this line: <a href="{{ routes.all_products_collection_url }}" class="underline...
I don't have access to that specific theme, but you'll need to edit the product template liquid file for it and move the price elements around. for example on my theme, this element has the discounted price:<span id="ProductPrice" class="product-sing...
You'll need to speak to whomever made the private app for you, as they will need to change the calls its making to the API inline with the newest version. It says the app is called UPS - but its a private app (which means not one through the store). ...
Hi  - try this: {% if product.variants.first.inventory_management == "shopify" %}{% if product.variants.first.inventory_quantity => 50 %}We have loads in stock.{% elsif product.variants.first.inventory_quantity > 0 and product.variants.first.inventor...
I've had this happen before, after some searching I found that the limit for variants was 100 (i think) so you can't have more than that i'm afraid.
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