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Hi, I keep getting this error  Required parameter missing or invalid: items When attempting to add items to cart. Link is: Based on other similar solutions, the code looks complete to me (I'm no expert though). And I've d...
I'm just wondering if anyone found the fix for Dawn theme? I found this part of the code above, but it's all there. He's current code for that section: <noscript class="product-form__noscript-wrapper-{{ }}"><div class="product-form__input{...
Hi, I am wanting to change the way the image gallery on product pages using the dawn theme looks. I would like all the additional images to be underneath the main image (evenly sized) with arrow buttons hovering over the main image to navigate betwee...
I am wanting to add a text link next to the heading of a featured collection on the homepage.So for example it would say: New In (heading) SHOP ALL (linked to collection - font smaller than heading) I know you can add a button at the bottom of the co...
Hi, I would like to be able to click anywhere on the image banner and it take me to a link or collection.  How do I do this on Dawn theme? Thank you!
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