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Bio: the Aim high Shop is a store that sells USAF & USSF gear for BMT

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My Shopify/Print On Demand products listed to Google fine once I got all the info added they wanted. However, when I see my products on Google they say: Printify and then the name of my product. Is t...
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I have begun my year end bookkeeping and after printing out all the monthly invoices I can see for only Sept and Oct I am being charged a "tax transaction fee". Its only a few dollars but what is it? I use Taxjar not Shopify Tax. I tried chatting wit...
I eventually discovered it was an issue with Printify. They put in new shipping assignments you gotta pick. So when I had updated a few items in Printify and didn't select one it created its own. And since what Printify automatically assigned didn't ...
I've had 2 returning customers try to check out and my site is telling them that we cannot deliver to their address. Both of them are returning customers and have placed their first order just a few days ago. There is no issue with their address. One...
I have Paypal as an option for payment on my website and my customers choose that option alot. It just recently came to my attention that my personal name is showing up on the customers activity after purchase. I have double checked all my settings i...
I ended up having to deal with last years sales tax with a crazy spreadsheet and break it down by county and then the district bs. It was a royal pain. And the numbers didnt tally correctly at the end. CA said I charged $40 too much in sales tax whic...
Perfect! There was no setting in my Simple theme for that so I needed to know what code to adjust! 2 minutes and done! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
I don't want to have to pay to add an app. There has got to be a way to adjust the code on the grid size to accommodate what im looking to do. Even if its just to add another row. 
I want to know if I can adjust the number of items per page so that all the items in a collection appear one page and the customer will not have to go to page 2. Or a way to just be able to add one more row. Simple
Can you help me figure out how to allow more items per page so that all the item display on one page instead of having to go to the 2nd page. Simple
I would like to know how to change the number of items that appear on a page in Simple theme. I want all 13 of my items to be on the same page instead of having to go to page number 2 to see the rest. Alot of people don't bother to look at the items ...
I never found a good one. Had to do it manually for last years taxes. Signed up for Taxjar to handle everything moving forward. Worth the money for sure!
I opened my store this year and made about $65k in sales. Now I am preparing to deal with tax time for the first time. Shopify collected sales tax for my sales that are being shipped to California because that is where I am based. I know I need to re...
I haven't had any issues with emails forwarding to my Gmail account since I opened my store in march. however, all of a sudden these last couple weeks I have customers complaining that we are not responding to their emails. Tried having a friend send...
I have tried the process over again with the same result. I must be doing something wrong but I do not know what. If I go to my Google Merchant Center and click on products I can see the list of all my products. If I click to edit the product and go ...
If thats the case then it didnt work. Items still saying Printify on Google
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