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I’m seeking a solution capable of integrating my existing Shopify and eBay stores with Squarespace. So I’ve been running my arts & crafts business on eBay and then Shopify separately for 4 years. And now my partner who owns a Squarespace store wants ...
I believe that there is only the eBay official connect app by Shopify available now, not for Amazon. Even in this case, I wouldn't suggest you use it as I had a bad time with it. It didn't run as smoothly as expected, and I couldn't get hold of their...
I'm syncing my products and orders across Shopify, Amazon, and eBay with the help of LitCommerce so I think you can give it a try. My main store is on Shopify, and I set up Amazon and eBay as my additional sales channels. When I enable the inventory ...
The feeling about the eBay Connect App on the Shopify App Store is shared as I also had a bad time with it. The features were not efficient, and the support was limited. So in case you are still looking for an alternative to sell and manage listings ...
Good day! If you are looking for an app to sync orders between Shopify and Etsy, I suggest taking a look at LitCommerce. I'm using their tool to list my product in large volumes on both Shopify and Amazon. I also sync orders between these two channel...
Hope anyone can give me your opinions on my situation. So I want to sell on WooCommerce besides my main store on Shopify and I’m looking for a suitable tool for it within my budget. A few things I want this tool to be able to do are:Sync inventory as...
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