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Hello - I have two "Featured Collections" in my Shopify Theme at They display a carousel of the products in the collection. But none of the links work correctly - they link to the root domain rather than the product pages. Can...
Hello - I just noticed one of my product pages shows a shipping date.  "Ships July 26, 2023" under the price. Any idea where it comes from and how I can delete?
Hello! I am selling girls' black shorts on my online store right now. I'm launching 4 new variants every few weeks over the next two months.  Is there a way that I can enter all the information into Shopify (e.g. SKU, UPC, price) now, so when the inv...
Hi - I run an apparel website with several product variants of different colors.  Is it possible to create a collection with only selecting a few variants of each product (i.e. black and white).   
I was able to get it to work by adding this code to my theme.liquid: {%- if settings.favicon != blank -%} <link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{ settings.favicon | img_url: '32x32' }}" type="image/png"> {%- endif -%}
I've done both and still can't get this to work.
Thanks - that's not what I was looking for. I want to keep the Yotpo review stars. I want to get rid of the Shopify ones.
Hello - I am trying to remove the Shopify Star ratings from my website.  Please help. It still shows as 3 reviews here:
I have added a Favicon to my theme but it doesn't show up.  Please help!
Can you show me how to "defer" it as well?  
Can I delete this entirely? I don’t know what it is
Hi - my contact us page hangs upon loading.   It eventually loads but it takes several minutes.
Hello - I issued a giftcard on Shopify and the user says the QR Code does not work.  I issued myself a giftcard and am noting the same.   Here is the link on the QR code: shopify-giftcard-v1-YRVHKMRW8MDFG9VJ--
Hello - I'm looking to remove the gray blocks that appear underneath my product images on the collections page.  
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