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can I add more options to my imported csv from my shopify store?
What if I want to color both tab differently. Means top one different color, and bottom different.
What if I wanted to make it at centre?I tried code: text-align: center; It made the title centred but not pricing.
I want to change the colour of the background and content of both button. URL: green 
I want to add quick view icon and wishlist icon on product in product page. URL: green 
I want to decrease Size of title. URL: green 
I actually increased the no. The option was there in the schema. But now having a different issue. As you can see in the image, dots have come to bottom. Is there any way to keep it in one line? Url: greenUrl: ...
Hlw ThereI am using the debut theme and I want to increase no of testimonials. Right now we can put only 9 testimonials but I want to increase the no. Also I want it to slide automatic. How can I do it. Please help. @KetanKumar @suyash1 
It still not working. Data is not showing in subscriber list </p>{%- endif -%}<input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter"><div class="input-group {% if form.errors %} input-group--error{% endif %}"><input type="text"name="contact[pho...
While uploading product, there option for hsn code, but not on csv. What to do now?
What if I want to do for desktop as well
can you please tell me, where and how to put it? As I put and it didn't work. 
I want to add a wishlist icon(heart) and my account icon on my website in phone and desktop view. How can I do it? store URL: green 
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