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Hi, How do you hide the 'recently viewed products' title if a customer has not viewed any products before and there is no product to show in this section?  Here is an example of a product page:
Hi, Which codes do I need to have and change in CSS to have a search balk like on this site: This site uses the same theme as mine: Thanks   
Hi, How can I edit a search bar in the header as on the picture? This website has the same theme as mine.My website is 
Thanks! Awesome
  Yes I have done it, it doesnt work. It shows only grey minus icons, not as I mentioned before. 
 Thanks. How can I also add this minus icon in grey color #9c9c9c as on the picture? In the picture it's not completed, i tried it another way but its not working like that, so it definitetly has to be in a <li> list. How can I add a minus beneath th...
 Hi, I would like to transform the bulletpoint in a shopify description to an icon. I already have the code of the icon, which is 'ad ad-plus-circle, which is an icon from my adorn theme.  So, how do I change the bulletpoints to this icon on my websi...
Hi, related products aren't related on a canonical url as this one However, from a collection, the product page related products section does show related products:
I export a excel file of the products, only change 'ad-plus-circle' to 'ad-check-circle', and then import the excel file in shopify products, and then this error shows:  -  Any value after quoted field isn't allowed in line 2. Why is this, how do i d...
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