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I figured it out! after a little trial an error I used the code in the right spot and got it to sit where I need it to. Thanks for the help! 
the code you suggested or the code generated from Zoho or both?
Thanks for your reply! Right now I've been editing the code under the newsletter.liquid file and its shows up on my home page, its just off to the left. Is there a way to enter code into the newsletter.liquid file to center it?
the website is
I'm trying to center a newsletter sign up block on my landing page. The code was auto generated via my Zoho campaigns account but its stuck all the way to the left of the landing page. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks! 
When replacing my original newsletter box with code generated from my Zoho campaigns account, the box shows up way to the left instead of the center when viewing on a desktop computer but its fine on a iphone. How do I center this? I'm using the the ...
Awesome thank you! I added that code underneath the original one that centered the text and made it bold and it worked! I appreciate your help so much! 
This code brought it back to displaying the vendors on the ''PO Cases" collection page. 
that worked! Last questions I swear...How do I get the vendors to display on the "featured tapes" page as well? I just want the vendors to be shown on the "sound packs" and "featured tapes" page but not the "PO Cases" page 
Thanks for the reply. I tried that but it didnt seem to do anything. I noticed there are a few different places in the code that start with the <head> tag. Is there a specific one that I should put it in front of?
One more thing, is there a way to shut off the vendor display for all the other collections besides sound packs?
thank worked too! thank you guys so much for your help!  
Thank you that worked! Is there a way to make the font bold? 
I can't find where theme.scss file is
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