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Hello, I was looking for the same thing  but can you tell me how to change the title of the bar ? Ex : Changing "Search" by something like " find what you're looking for" ?and change the color of the section ? Thanks !
Finally found the solution, thanks to Sheesh B.modification is done by editing the price.liquid file :  changing this part :assign compare_at_price = target.compare_at_priceassign price = target.price | default: 1999assign available = target.availabl...
Hello,Many thanks !!! Here is the link of a product for example :'ll see that there is ony the price without tax on the page. Can you give...
Hello,thanks the help.I found main-product.liquid and price.liquid that could be the place to make the change, but I don't really know how.Can I share them to have an explaination to acheive this ?Thanks
Hello,My product page shows today price without Tax, this is wanted.I want to add under this, a new line with the Price with Tax (20% added).I'm using the Ride Theme, and I cannot find which liquid to modify and which code to should be somethi...
Ok many thanks !
Hello,I created a metafield for customer objet, this is fine, I can edit it through the Shopify Admin portal. But I want to offer the possibility for a customer to fill in this information during account creation to retreive it in the customer inform...
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