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HI Victor Thank you. It is very kind of you to reply. Please excuse my lack of technical undertsanding. I still don't understand why this is happening.You mention 'We can see the domain when we share the Preview of an unpublished S...
In Facebook ad manager I've got an alert/warning saying new domains are sending data. According to FB this has only started happening in the last 24 hours. There is a list of domain names - lots of letters and numbers then the same all ending with .s...
Ok, so the correct pixel is showing in the Customer Data Sharing section in the TikTok app in shopify BUT something is not right as the TikTok Pixel helper app shows the wrong (old/incorrect pixel). Please help! Thank you
Hi KetanThank you for taking the time to reply.My enquiry is none of those things. I need to know how to remove the incorrect pixel code from my store. I presume it is somewhere in the coding but I do not know where to look.Thank yousara 
Hi Ketan.Thank you for your reply.I am not sure what you mean. Please could you clarify your instruction? For reference, I do not wish to remove tiktok as I am needing to be connected to it but I do need to remove the incorrect pixel code and ensure ...
Does anyone know how to delete tiktok pixel code from a shopify store?  My site is Thank you
Hello Kazi. I have the same enquiry as the OP. Please can you tell me where in the code I should find the tiktok pixel ? I need to delete the tiktok pixel from my store but I am not sure what I am looking for. Thank you
Resolved! Needed to go to products/Edit/edit SKU. Simple when you know how!! Thank you 
Please can anyone help with a Royal mail Click & Drop query? Do you know where in Shopify C&D pulls SKU info from? We have a product with colour variants but order info in C&D is only showing part of the product name/SKU info, resulting in us not sho...
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