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Is it in the base code? Where was the error? I will find and revert it.
Sorry. It expired after two days. Here it is again:   
Good afternoon,I have not used any apps yet. But I will take a look at the code. Thank you.
I am having the same problem. My mobile menu actually looks more like the desktop menu but it's not organized. Can you help me please? Here is the link: and below is the screenshot.
Yes, thank you. Here it is:
Thanks, but I was hoping for the specific code. 
Can you please help me? I have added all of that code and it still didn't work for me. The most it did was created another column and placed the EMAIL box at the top. I have been trying for so long, but nothing appears to be working. I don't know if ...
Do you mind sharing what the fix was? I have been looking all over for the fix and cannot find it anywhere.
This didn't work for me and I have the same issue. Not sure why it didn't because I too am using the Dawn theme. Is it possible for you to assist me as well here on this thread or do I need to start my own? Any help will be appreciated.
I was able to find the code somewhere throughout the community and was able to enlarge the font. Thank you so much for your help.
I checked that page, but I didn't see anything there that listed how to enlarge the Navigation Menu at least not with the Dawn theme.  Do you have that code? Can you please help?
Thank you very much. Your code also worked for me.
I have been trying to reduce the line spacing in my footer. The column spacing is perfect, but it appears as though the spacing is 1.5 maybe even 2 but I really only want 1 or no space at all. I have tried all of the various code I found here but non...
This did not work for me.
I wanted to let you know that this worked for me also. Thank you so much.
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