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Hello Developers,  Good day , Hope you are doing well. I am developing a subscription app but when I uninstall my app and removing subscription from my end shopify still shows the subscription plan in the product page at admin panel . Picture attache...
Hello I am trying to send update payment method link to trigger CustomerPaymentMethodSendUpdateEmail gql . but I am getting following error.  [{"message":"CustomerPaymentMethodSendUpdateEmail access denied","locations":[{"line":2,"column":11}],"path"...
Hello @LarryReid , Could you Help Me out ?
I did not find out anything like that as you mentioned above ,  here is my code ,    const shopData = await shopsController.getById(shopId); const client = new Shopify.Clients.Graphql( shopData.shopId, shopData.offlineAccessTok...
I am also facing same issue. Should we need to send any request to update our permission ? what Should I do now ?
Hello Developers, I have written below gql code but getting error . error is not clear, my code is,   const mailResponse = await client.query({ data: `mutation customerPaymentMethodSendUpdateEmail(gid://shopify/CustomerPaymentMethod/${pa...
I have created and post today here , link  I made a request but got error. 
Hello Developer, I am trying to send and email notification to my client regarding updating payment. Here is my code snippet below, mutation customerPaymentMethodSendUpdateEmail($customerPaymentMethodId: ID!, $email: EmailInput) { customerPaymentMe...
where i will get paymentId ? could you provide a sample paymentId ?
could you tell me how to generate the email ? which api or gql should I trigger ?
Hello Webdibs, Did you solve the problem ?
Thank you for your reply. I read the article all options there only for admin. But I need to give an option to our client to update their payment info.
Hello Developers, Hope you are doing well. Regarding Shopify Requirement as below, The customer portal must provide a merchant's customers with the option to modify the payment method associated with their subscriptions.What field exactly I need to u...
which payment method does shopify support ? where I can get the list ?
Hello , I am developing an subscription app where I found a requirement from shopify that I need provide an option to update payment method . I dont understand what I have to actually ? is there any list from shopify they accept ? any guideline ?
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