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in my warehouse settings the account icon is just right, and on my official site it is written I want it like in my warehouse settings. just icon not written.
gift card not showing at checkout?
when creating and saving the gift card I get a server error
yes, for example, if I click on the TV part in the menu, I want to subdivide it by brand, so that not every brand is together.
 divide the menu into categories, or click on it and first go to several brands and subdivide my products into these brands?
kan ik onderverdelingen maken in het menu in thema magazijn? Ik wil de klant doorverwijzen naar mijn merken voordat de klant direct naar mijn producten gaat. bijvoorbeeld het klikken op 1 van mijn categorien in het menu en dat de klant dan bij de mog...
there are 25000 products importing from big buy to my shopify these are all active now!!! this happened by accident. how can i stop it??? can I remove these products all at once or do I have to do this separately? helppppp please
where at the bottom of the page should i add it? and the shopping cart icon remains, but the text cart is gone?
I want to remove the text "cart" behind the shopping cart icon on the computer website. this in the theme warehouse.
ok thanks i found it, but i would like to have it in my announcement bar, at the very top of the page, and i would like to have multiple texts swipe through the announcements bar like the mobile page of view this page please to unders...
in my theme warehouse it says on the desk behind my shop cart icon"car" I want to remove this text.
I think so, but I don't now how to do 
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