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thank you for the answer, but i cant do it look at the picture  
hi, i want to do a discount 2nd 30% off, 3nd 50% offits like buy x, get y in 30% off, get z in 50% off the problem is that i dont know how to do this
hey, thank you for the great answer! but maybe i didnt made it clear enough, the discount is on all the site (500 products), not on a specific product, so how the platform know that the 2nd item someone add to the cart gets 30% and the 3rd gets 50%?w...
hey, how i can make a discount of 2nd item 30% off, 3rd item 50% off?
i checked it and its a problem with my wi fi, i dont what it is but when i use 4g its working and then i switch to wi fi and its not working 
thank you to other people its working but to me its not, maybe its a problem with my wi fi 
you dont need to understand the language, just to clikc on the black "ADD TO CART" button also you can do right click and translate to english 
hi' this one for example  -
hi, this product for example
hi, i have a big problem on my site, when i click add to cart an error is appear look at the photo 
hi, i just wondering how i can see my buisnness email domain?i want to do email marketing and i know its better to do it with a buisness mail 
hi elias, thank you for the answer, the domain is like around a year with me, so its not recently.only people who connected to a specific phone company in my country cant reach my site, so maybe its the "customers using a specific internet service pr...
hi, a lot of customers send me messegaes on instagram about a problem in my website, they cant see it beacuse its blocked, i dont know why..someone told me that maybe the domain was used before and it reported as fishing so its in the black list or s...
hi, i need to change from NIS TO ₪, how can i do it?in the red 
the app is way too expensive, i need other app
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