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Hi I'd like to change the display language on Checkout page but I wasn't sure where I can change this.Is this something I can change? on Script or from the default "Edit Langauge" section? 
I did. and uploaded the assets like I referred to the last photo image.  
Hi I tried to upload my customed fonts as I uploaded on the code below And added my css code below to "Assets" > "base.css" with  @font-face { font-family: "Roobert-SemiBold"; src: url("{{"Roobert-SemiBold.woff2" | asset_url}}") format("woff2"), ...
Hi I tried to add the product but it seems that they are not applying discount as expected. Could you please have a look into it once more? 
Hi I applied discount as belowBut when I check out, the subtotal cart doesn't show about discount details. I was expecting that there is a phrase or display somewhere that the customer will get another product for free. What has happened?   
I would like to put a restriction if a person orders the same item again, they can't buy - is this possible? Ideally based on IP address or their email address.
We basically don't want people to visit this page no longer. If people have an access to the page url, currently they can access to them.
Hi I want to archive the store theme that is live but they are not giving me an option, please help  
Hi I have enabled this app (order printer) to have an official document to download. I gave an access to one of my users at store and enabled all permission settings that she would need - but somehow she can't s...
We got an inquiry who would like to order multiple items and they will be sent to different address as they wish - but they would like to use one card to purchase all items. I was wondering if this is something possible to do in Shopify?
I am looking for a pdf document for each payout - our accounting team require to have this for their auditing purpose. Is there any type of official document that I can use to show the payout?
Is there any functionality where Shopify allows us to contact people via SMS to update their order address? Some of entrants they entered invalid orders and we need to contact them but I wasn't sure if there is any functionality for this 
Can someone please explain why we are seeing this apostrophes in "Zip code" when we are exporting all orders?I've been asking to support team but no body gave me an answer other than it is a default setting. I would like to change them so we don't ne...
Thank you for your reply Greta.Oh maybe because I am looking at Desktop version and I am actually looking for a solution how to print receipts on desktop, is there any way to print the receipt?
Hi I would like to print out a receipt on the order.When I read the instruction on Shopify page, it says to follow the steps below but I couldn't locate where it is "Receipt"?
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