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For example, a merchant installs my Shopify app and pays for a 30-day subscription. The current subscription has ACTIVE status (with subscriptionId = 1, for example).  What will happen in 30 days later, when the subscription is at the end of cycle? D...
Is there any RESTful API or GraphQL API to get the current active recurring charge without getting the whole list then filter out?
Billing API get charge list (API ) will return the charges of the app whose access token is being used in the API headers or charges of all apps installed in the store?How can I retrieve all recurring charges for my app, across all shops? It was cons...
You saved my day! So grateful.
@AnonJack I intend to convert my app into non-embedded app. I wonder how I would set up the Url in the App Setup.
I have an embedded app (URL: embedded-app.com) which contains a URL to a new webapp opened in a new window where merchants will work on (URL: my-domain.com).  Shopify staff has reviewed and required me:You can only have one consistent UI. Currently, ...
@awwdam I set the variables input like this:variables: { id: calculatedOrderId, lineItemId: `gid://shopify/CalculatedLineItem/${lineItemId}`, quantity: quantity, restock: true, },But it does n...
I'm creating an embedded app with Nextjs. I need to use <Link> component or router.push to redirect my app to another page. I follow this code example: https://gist.github.com/shafiimam/ab6c80c6e56ea859744bbc36dffaeee9  RoutePropagator.js import Reac...
I was using DraftOrder REST Api to duplicate a draft order from an order. I'm facing an issue that the shipping_line is null and I have to update it. But it requires a handle parameter for regular shipping which I have no idea about it. I don't want ...
I was using this code block to try to reduce the order line item quantity: mutation reduceLineItemQuantity { orderEditSetQuantity(id: "gid://shopify/CalculatedOrder/19300374", lineItemId: "gid://shopify/CalculatedLineItem/2941798776854", quantity: ...
Any solutions? I'm facing the same issue
@jazz-jay How can I redirect the customer to the installation url? And what is the structure of the installation url?
I'm using read_orders scope in my app for some of my features. When I tested with local or staging app, the installation worked fine. But with the real app (which I submitted but not approved because of some update requirements), it said OAuth error ...
I have a Shopify app for merchants to install with some specific scopes. Now I have some new features that need to grant more scopes to use Shopify REST Api. Can I add more scopes to a store that already installed my app? 
 I'm implementing Theme App Extension with app embed block. I'm using <script> tag inside app-embed.liquid to access the Shopfiy product or shop JSON. Inside this script, I need to use some environment variables that can be set at .env file because t...
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