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Vielen Dank @Gabe, deine Verlinkungen helfen mir sehr weiter. Beim Support habe ich mich bereits gemeldet, der schlägt mir allerdings auch nur Entwickler vor. Vielleicht sollte ich auch einsehen, dass meine Wunschlösung nicht existiert, auch, wenn ic...
Hey @Gabe, vielen Dank für deine schnelle und ausführliche Antwort - auf dich ist wirklich immer Verlass. Ja, das ist absolut richtig. Nachdem ich auf das Symbol geklickt habe, wurden die beiden Meta Felder nicht angezeigt (Dateien & Farben), im Gege...
Hey, wir haben einige Probleme mit den Meta-Feldern auf den Produktseiten.Nachdem wir neue Meta-Felder für Farben und Dateien erstellt haben (Screenshoot 1), haben wir diese im Backend für ein Produkt gelistet (Screenshoot 2). Als wir sie dann bei de...
Hey, we have some problems with the meta fields at the product pages.After creating some meta fields for colours and files (screenshoot 1), we placed them on a product in the backend (screenshoot 2). Then, when we wanted to integrate them on the prod...
@GemPages  Here is a screenshoot: As you can see at the .uk shop at the bottom that the general width of the segments is not that wide compared to the .eu shop at the top.
Hey @GemPages, thanks for your fast answer. Shopify doesn't allows us to write the correct domain in here because of specific restrictions (we don't know why). So our domain is cb dsi.eu without the space between the b and the d. I hope you get it. L...
Hey, on cb dsi.eu (written together) the width of the segments on the start-age have a wider scope compared to the segments at our international shops .uk, .es, .fr and .it.How can we change it? Everything seems to be smaller at the international sho...
Hey @KetanKumar, do you have an answer for me? See my text below.
Hey guys, I created a new meta field for putting in files at the product page. When I want to put it in the product description, every meta filed is visible but not the new meta field for the files.The same when I put it in the meta fields at the pro...
I need your help.Here is the domain: c b d i a . e u (written together) With the code: <style>@media screen and (min-width: 749px){ /* This css code will only apply when your screen size is greater than 749px */  .section{     max-width: unset !impor...
Hey, could you help me? @KetanKumar 
Hey @made4Uo, I just tried out your code for my online shop C BDÍA (c bdia.eu).We have the responsive theme. When I try to edit the code I noticed that we don't have a theme.scss file under the assets folder. Is there another opportunity where I can ...
Hey @KetanKumar,here is the example:The Featured collection on the top is a Custom HTML and the one on the bottom is a featured collection on the startpage.Our domain is:c b d i a.eu (written together) did you found it? I already told you that Shopif...
Hey @KetanKumar, the URL is c b d i a.eu (written together) Best Regards,Hanni
Hey guys, I need your help so much! With the code: <style>@media screen and (min-width: 749px){ /* This css code will only apply when your screen size is greater than 749px */  .section{     max-width: unset !important;     width: 65%; /* You can cha...
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