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Hi @everyone. I FINALLY got mine. I didn't get an email. I just went to finances/ documents and it was in there!!!
Oh wow, that gives us a small glimmer of hope  Thank you . 
What is the update on the 1099 form? 
We are in the last 10 days of Feb. Have these started going out to anyone yet and is Shopify confident we will have these by the end of Feb? 
Trevor, what number can I use to do my taxes before I get my 1099? I looked on reports but my total sales did not match the transactions report that I exported. If I use the transactions report and total that up, will that be an accurate representati...
If it doesn't include refunds, how do we deduct for refunds?   Does it account for discounts? 
I'm about to do my taxes this weekend and I can't find where to print my 2023 1099-K. Thank you
Do you know if the Shop Pay Installments sends out a separate 1099k?
Ok thank you. So a gross transaction of something $300 with a 100% discount would be reported as $0 since the actual transaction was $0 correct? 
Hi Rick, so we should be figuring the 1099K will report the Net sales, not the gross sales? So this way it's not taking into consideration the returns or the discounts? I often send free products to influencers for collaboration. I often put in the f...
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