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Hello Paul, using Flow is a good option to remove products from the sale collections.Regarding the navigation, unpublishing the collections is something that still must be done manually, correct? Best,Martina
Hello, I'm try to understand if there is a way to automatise the end of our sales during night, in a bulk way.Basically, today at 11:59 we are ending our sales and so far I'm not able to find a way to end them rather than doing it manually. The steps...
Hello Paul, yes, the product contains the word Preorder in its name and the SplitOrder App is automatically tagging orders containing this products. I was wondering if with Flow there was a feature similar to this one, setting a rule by which if an O...
Hello Paul, thank you for answering. Yes we use an app already, SplitOrder, to separate preorder items from available to sell ones. In this way the order is split in 2 new orders, one can be fulfilled the other one I would like to hold it.  Why do I ...
Hello, I was wondering if there is any flow able to automatically Hold Fulfilment of order including preorder items. Thanks,Martina
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