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Hi, Since stores can now either use the legacy or new thank you page I need to know which one they use. My app allows modifying the thank you page and it won’t work unless I know which version they are using. 
Hi, I am trying to implement this but I am getting the following error: :message => Access denied for checkoutProfiles field. Required access: The shop must have access to the checkout editor.I need to be able to check this for non shopify plus shops...
is there an API route or method we can use to see if the store is using legacy thank you page vs new thank you page?
Hi, supports this. You can add custom line items to your upsells so when people purchase the upsell they can customize the product right there. 
Hi, I am trying to build an editor on our app dashboard that will show users a preview of the extension. How can I accomplish this with @shopify/ui-extensions-reactSince it would need to be rendered outside the context of an extension
I am trying to implement customer-account.order-status.block.renderand purchase.thank-you.block.render How can I figure out where the extension is being rendered? 
I have the same issue, can someone from Shopify partners chime in here?
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