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Hello everyone,I need to import a product CSV from WooCommerce to Shopify. It works almost perfectly, except that the product variants are imported incorrectly. Is there a free/opensource script or a free tool that allows me to correctly modify the W...
I need to find a simple customizable memory game with a ranking system. Does anyone know of anything compatible with Shopify? (Then from the ranking, I will choose a winner and send a prize)"
It seems that the simplest things always require paid apps and complicated processes. I already have a Google Sheet, and I can already see the data in Shopify reports... is it so difficult to synchronize them? 
Is it possible that there isn't a convenient app that allows me to easily extract data already present on Shopify and create a simple table like Google Sheets? 
Totady i chat with the shopify help... I hope...
Same proplem...news about?
How can I filter customers who have bought the same product several times?thx
Same problem with this code {% for item in order.lineItems_item %} {% if item.title contains 'XX' %} {% assign aa= item.variant.options[0] %} {% assign bb= item.variant.options[1] %} {% assign cc= item.variant.options[2] %} XX{{ aa }}_{{ bb}}_{{ cc}}...
Yes... but i try to add this code{% for item in order.line_items %} {% if item.title contains 'Xyz' %} {% assign A= item.variant.options[0] %} {% assign B= item.variant.options[1] %} {% assign C= item.variant.options[2] %} Xyz_{{ A}}_{{ B}}_{{ C}} {%...
it is possible through the shopify app flow to tag customers "dynamically" according to the purchases. Example if the customer buys product X, variant Z, will the customer be tagged productx-variantZ?
how? i not find the automation in shopify flow
Hi!Is it possible to automatically fulfill orders through the shopify app flow? 
because, since the product being given is a training program, I need "not just a discount to be given", but precisely that training program chosen by the paying customer
good morning everyone. I would need advice. Christmas is approaching and I need an app that allows you to create a product "as a code", so that once it is "given" by the customer to a friend, it can be inserted in the shop "and become a product".In t...
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