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Hi,You can use ReCharge for the subscription.Pull down the Product from the Store Front Products API, and use the Selling Plan Groups (this is the subscription part)You need to use the Storefront Cart API (The checkout API will not work) 1. Create a ...
I generated 2 checkouts, with the same subscription product:1. through the normal shopify site2. through the Frontend APII queried the `/admin/api/2022-04/checkouts/` APIThe only difference between the two is: the "source_name". I think the "source_n...
Another Update. Pressing "back" in the browser twice, then displays the "shop pay screen with card details", then it automatically redirects to the "Order is Complete page": https://mystore.my-shopify.com/11111111/checkouts/abcdef/thank_you.
Update: I ran through more scenarios. This seems to be isolated to:Headless "Shopify Cart API" using "ShopPay" on a "subscription product, backed by Recharge", stalls at redirecting, after a 3DS2 check. It only happens when purchasing a Recharge Subs...
The money gets taken from the live credit card (performs a live transaction). The shopify store bill has been paid. Going the conventional Shopify Route (non-store-front api) works.
I'm using the Storefront API for a headless FrontEnd.This issue only happens when using ShopPay. When checking out with just a card, and not ShopPay, it completes and displays the Shopify Order Completion Page. I'm creating a cart using the graphql "...
I ran into a similar issue. Subscription products that were connected to Recharge would show up in the admin graphql api, but wouldn't show up when querying the store front.  Check the product's "Sales Channels" and ensure that it's available in the ...
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