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As my title states: why are comments on draft orders not transferring over to paid orders? This used to be a feature until quite recently. My company used this feature to keep track of the goings-on between customer service and a customer in regards ...
You're just restating the question. I know it doesn't work. My question is why.
The title explains it all. When a product page has multiple variants, the compare at price does not work. It will show something like "$432 $432." @Shopify —please explain why this important function does not work on product pages with multiple varia...
Over a year since I posted this, and @Shopify has made it possible to adjust column width in the bulk editor.  Can you1. Make it so I can delete tags from the cell without having to scroll through a list of all my tags and uncheck them? 2. Allow me ...
@Shopify It's been months and this is still a problem.
Another way in which the bulk editor sucks:  1. You can't spot delete tags. If an item has 10 tags, each beginning with a different letter, you have to click the tags box and scroll down until you find the tag (which can be tedious if you have 50 or ...
I'm opening this thread back up, because it's been months since the update, and it's still as unusable as it's ever been. 
The bulk editor is permanently broken. If you want to fix it, pay and download a third-party application. Shopify -- you should be ashamed of yourselves.
Over 570 views and still no adequate response from @Shopify . Please fix the bulk editor. You've ruined it.
5. The bulk editor no longer remembers the selection of columns I made, making me have to reselect columns every time I go into the bulk editor.
Here is a clearer summary of some of the problems stated so far. 1. You can no longer expand column titles to view the full title of a product page. 2. You can no longer select columns in the order that you want to view them in.3. I can no longer see...
You want to know what Shopify's solution to the problem is? Download and pay for a third party app to fix a problem that they broke 
The new shopify Bulk Editor changes are abysmal. The UX design came from the brain of someone who's never had to manage a website. I understand that the new bulk editor has the ability to bulk copy and paste features. What else? The answer: nothing o...
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