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Bio: As a website designer, my primary focus is on creating intuitive and visually compelling websites that effectively represent my clients and their busi...

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Our speed today is 34. Interestingly our Google results do not agree... 
Hi Brinley, Have you tried dragging the images around from the media admin section?  Hope this helped.
32 Today.
Do you have alt text in the shopify admin section? If yes, then you require further help. If not then go to the product and add the alt text to the products.  
My speed is now 46.
Go to Setting. Go to Notifications. Click on the email you want to modify. Click the edit code button. Find the code with the logo (Mine was line 78) Then change the style to include this inline style... style="text-align: center; vertical-align: mid...
This help page is probably what you are looking for: Hope this helps.
My Speed is now 29.
I'm not a legal expert but copying code is illegal in the UK. It is, unfortunately, very easy to do. Hopefully, Shopify support will rectify this for you. In the mean time, I recommend gathering evidence.
one of my sites today...( 27 )
TLDR Version:POST YOUR SPEED SCORE BELOW... Long version:PLEASE DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFO...To better gauge the performance of Shopify websites, I think it would be valuable for users/admins to share their speed scores below. This information is cru...
Do you know how to search the website code?
Do you have anything suspicious in the Pixel Customer Events?(You'll find this in the settings section)
What is the name of your store?My suspicion is either the theme or possibly you've let a rogue collaborator change some code.(Checking the change log will be my first port of call.)
This isn't a bug, but just an annoying feature. When I want to copy/paste the metadata[id] from the admin section as soon as I select the id it takes me to the definition.  I can't be the only one who finds this annoying.
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