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Thank you so much!
Hi, my client is using 3 USPS shipping options on her site but when she prints the labels there are all sort of different options coming up with is quite confusing for her team.Is it possible to only show the options that are enabled in the shipping ...
Thank you! The Locksmith app worked perfectly!  
Hi Kumar,thanks for the code. Would this work on the whole site or just that page? The idea would be that the site is visible for everyone, and only that page needs signing in.  I actually found a code and tried to use it, but it didn't work. I think...
Hi,Thanks for getting back to me!I created a page where I want to add those specific products. They are not uploaded yet, I wanted to see if I can even hide the page. There is one test product though.
Hi, There are products that I would like to sell for just those who are signed up on my site.So pretty much there would be a page containing those products and it would only be visible for those who are signed up.If someone is not, they would get the... pw: tregge It is the first slider (hero) on the home page. I noticed that if I only add an image with text it looks okay. It's the slider that makes it look all weird.
Hi,Just checking in to see if you have an update on this? thank you!
Hi, The hero image for the home page is recommended at 1600x1000. I edited my photos in this size but after uploading they all look very distorted. I'd love to use the wide display, but it makes things worse, so I disabled it, but the images still lo...
Hi,The goal would be to only allow people to sign up for the newsletter if they checked the checkbox (so they read and accept the terms + privacy policy). So the checkbox is mandatory to go further.So,1. they should be able to add their emails, but i...
Hi,Thank you for the code! I added it but it is not working correctly.1. It doesn't allow to enter the email address unless the checkbox is checked.2. The checkbox appears on the top - but should be in line with the text.3. Checkbox is checked, then ...
Hi,I sent you a DM with the details. Thanks again!
Hi,Thank you for getting back to me, I really appreciate it!This is the site: Orsi  
Hi, I have the turbo theme installed on my client's site and she would need to have an opt-in checkbox for the newsletter sign-up form. I've been looking for apps and solutions, but haven't found anything yet. She uses Mailchimp and I thought I might...
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