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Hello,Google informed me about 'Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user'. I want to know how 'bad' this message is. As I understand, it means that when I have a product with variations, Google will for example only index the red shirt, ...
Worked nice and smooth! Thanks a lot, San!
Sure! The blog's name shows as the title of the page, but I also want it to be displayed above the blog post title itself, right above 'Great Children's Books about Haiti for Haitian Heritage Month'.
Hi everyone! I want to display the blog name above my blog post title. Like if 'News' is my blog name, I want it to show above my blog post title 'A great day for our company'. Thanks for your help!
Thanks a lot for your help! 
Hi PageFly-Kate! That was a very in depth and helpful answer! Do I understand correctly, that if I build a page with a page builder I have to keep on paying the monthly subscription fee for as long as I am using this page? When I create a blog post I...
Hi everyone! I am using Debut theme. I want to have a decent looking blog on my shop. Considering clean code, page load speed, SEO and performance, should I opt for buying a professional theme with a good-looking blog or build my own blog and blog po...
Thanks everybody for your prompt help! I did not take under consideration that it doesn't work as the shop owner. Incognito mode works!
I have to correct myself. When I change the theme, it works. So how can I pinpoint down the problem of my theme?
Please help! I just tried to order something in my shop, that is live and not in test mode. I get this error:Checkout isn't available in preview. I have an active plan, I changed the theme and all products are active and the online shop channel is al...
Hello everybody! It appears to me that I have to change the code in site-nav.liquid that generates the dropdown menu. Can anybody help out, I don't know a thing about coding. Thanks again!
Here is a screenshot to clarify.
Thanks, but the dropdown is still there. 
Here a screenshot 
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