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Hey @Parcel_Intellig  Is is possible to change the shipping method too? so that shipping is at the top by default? As at the moment for some customers, it is defaulting pickup at the top which is causing loads of mistakes. Photo attached. Please let ...
This no longer works and now says the below.Please upgrade your plan!This rule is only available for PRO plan. You won't be charged for the first 3 days even after upgrading plan. 
BSure no longer works. Please upgrade your plan!This rule is only available for PRO plan. You won't be charged for the first 3 days even after upgrading plan.
Hello, I appreciate your response - thank you! I forgot to mention that I have had 4 people work on it in the past which have all ended up saying it just isn't possible, although I appreciated their efforts! When you say it's possible, how sure are y...
''A shop or customer can create an unlimited number of carts. Unused and abandoned carts automatically expire within 10 days of creation.'' This is far from ideal and we cannot continue to run our store on this platform when carts are expiring after ...
All my customers can't login to their accounts either. I've tried and it doesn't work. Major inconvenience! Mondays are always crazy busy!
Hello, I will be totally honest with you, I have wasted loads of time with multiple different people / companies who say they can 100% fix the issue but are unable to. So I'm just letting you know that this issue very likely isn't fixable. It's an aw...
Hello, I would really appreciate an urgently response regarding this. I keep getting accounts made like the following: Should I be worried? 
Hey, no resolution as of yet. Any way for us to chat about this further, Nick? WhatsApp? 
Okay, so what's the next step please? How do we discuss the fix, what needs doing and price please?
Hey, Thank you for responding! The ‘’add to cart "Login/register to see price" is a very new feature that has been added recently and the items disappearing in the cart was happening long before this, so I am pretty confident it’s not this addition. ...
Hello, Website: I am continuing to have frustrated customers emailing me reporting that their shopping carts keep emptying! A large majority of customer in the niche that I sell in will add items to a basket over time and then pu...
Hello, We are located in the UK and we only currently ship to mainland UK. However, after some demand from other countries such as Germany, France & Ireland, we are looking to options to ship to the rest of Europe. If it ends up being too much hassle...
I know there are ways that this can be achieved by changing the code, but I don't really want to mess around with it myself, even though it has been posted on the boards before. And I don't really want to be using an app for it. I would just like it ...
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