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Hi All,Main Menu Items Are Appearing in Double Lines in Mobile View, can all categorize come in single line in mobile view?Please find details below:Website: ShopifyTheme installed: https://burni-store-demo.myshop...
Issue resolved. Thanks @DavidEKim 
Hello Spotify Community,My website has been showing this grey banner when I click any category of the store section (please see the attached image, I've highlighted the banner with red markings). This never used to be there but...
Hello!My website: www.arshiinteriors.comWhenever someone clicks the image of the categories section on the home page, the website loads to the home page unless you click on the "Shop Now" button present on each image (Furniture , Rugs  or Home Access...
@KetanKumar I resolved the issue. Apparently, the logo for the mobile header needed to be uploaded separately. I found the option in Theme Settings. Anyways, thanks for your help and support!
@ketanKumranHow can I provide you theme access? You can send access request via your collaborator's account?
Here you go:
@khilan Here you go:
Here you go @KetanKumar <!-- /sections/header.liquid -->{% if template contains 'index' %}{% if section.settings.select_hds == "header_v1" %}{% include 'header-v1' %}{% elsif section.settings.select_hds == "header_v2" %}{% include 'header-v2' %}{% el...
Hello! The navigation menu when hovered with mouse is not showing properly. It is being cut from the left side. See screenshot below for better idea. How can I correct this issue?
Thanks for the prompt reply. Can you please guide me where I can find my header code?Secondly I think the logo is being picked or linked with wrong URL. See attached image below.
Hello @KetanKumar,My issue still prevails. The logo is still not visible on mobile view. To review the header code please visit my store at: forward to your response.
Hello KetanKumar,Sorry but I'm not well aware of coding technicalities. However, here's the link to my store: have a look at the header code. 
Hello AvadaCommerce,Store URL: note that the store is not password protected.
Hi! I have uploaded the logo with the right format and size but still, it is not showing properly on mobile view. Please see the attached image for reference. How can I fix this? Here is the link to my website: https://arshi-homes-testing.myshopify.c...
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