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This isn't a support request from any Shopify agent, but rather a 'community question'. Since the one-page checkout change (thereabouts), my store's been down in the dumper. I've gone from a healthy 4-4.5% CVR to 2.5% on a good day. I can't figure it...
It's easily reproducable if you just know the issue. You do not need me to do anything.
Just a heads up, Shopify. If the logo is too wide on the new one-page checkout, you've made a programming error that squishes the logo horizontally WITHOUT retaining the aspect ratio.  I accidentally discovered this 1 week after getting the new check...
The plot thickens. Klarna now says "Only actual chargebacks count as chargebacks from our end". This means that if they encourage their customers to open disputes for any old random issue they might have, this will possibly count as a "chargeback" in...
Bump. I still have NO idea what Shopify's systems count as a "chargeback". The worker I'm talking to has a habit of only replying once per day, regardless of if I reply to her within minutes. Is it "all disputes opened with a payment processor/card c...
Yeah, I don't want companies replying to my, or any one elses, posts. You're not even helping since you're answering a completely different question.
So I got a hold the other month that's still pending. After 6 weeks I got a review where they still wanted to have a 10% hold on the revenue. I asked "Hey I only have one chargeback out of 1000+ orders, can't you just release the hold?". I get the an...
Update: It seems enabling another payment processor (Klarna) and disabling Shopify Payments works. But now I have to get another payment processor if I decide to sell outside of Sweden (and other Klarna-positive countries). I still don't understand h...
So I started dropshipping last year and started succeeding towards the end of December. I have literally one charge-back, which I can argue isn't really my fault but a customer who simply filed one as soon as he could, Klarna more or less automatical...
Found solution on reddit: "Go to settings, metafields, create a new product metafield. Then follow the instructions and create your meta field. Make sure the pin icon at the top right is selected.Now you will see this new fields at the bottom of ever...
Please..... Is it in "Variants"? I find that section extremely confusing using Oberlo.
This may or may not be an "app" question. I believe I've heard someone say it was possible with "variants", just editing them around I suppose? But I've never gotten it to work, so here I am.
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