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Hello everyone, I have some questions, and I hope somebody can help me with them. I am currently using Shopacado for volume discounts on my products. It works fine and does the job. Currently, when people add 6 or more of the same product to the cart...
Now the other side is disappearing? Is there some code that create equal padding on both sites?
Hello, i have a problem with my slideshow. Some of the text disappears on the right site. It haven't always done that, but suddenly when I looked today there has been this error. Can somebody help me fix this? Visit: Thanks!
Thanks typostore! Worked like a charm, nice to also have it in the same CSS file 
Hey Mooed, thanks for the quick response. Hmm the code kinda removes the input field. 
Hello everyone,  I recently got my add to cart button coded so you can add quantity next to the add to cart button.But when you are viewing it on mobile the "Læg i kurv" is in 2 lines. I would prefer it would be on the same line. That would make it l...
Hello, i need some help with some CSS customizations. I have a add to cart button on my collection page, now i want a quantity picker beside it.I have the code for that: <input type="number" name="quantity" min="1" value="6" />The problem is that i c...
Hey Mooed, there is no option to switch to HTML view or add code to the rich text editor. Is there another way to do this?
Hello everyone. I am in the middle of doing a landing page for a event we are doing. And right now its just text all the way down and i want it to stand out a little more. Therefore i thought some of the important information could be in a boxed text...
Yes i figured it out 
Thanks worked perfect @Ujjaval Do you know how to make the text inside the button box white aswell?
Hello everyone. I need help with making one of the buttons on the slideshow in prestige theme another color than the other. Does anybody know how to do that? My website: Thanks. 
Hello everyone. I have a problem with my google ads purchase tag on shopify. I have tried to add the google tag to additional scrips but it does not collect any conversion data. Does anyone know how to fix this or have met this problem before? My web...
Yes i have done that, as i replied before it looks fine now. The only thing that is missing is the button transition. @Ujjaval 
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