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Bio: Web design agency created by the famous entrepreneur Marouane RHAFLI, most known for having developed the fastest and best converting Shopify theme Pl...

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Hi, We are a web design and digital marketing agency based in Tangier, Morocco We are looking for an experienced blogger/writer who can blog about topics related to eCommerce, SEO, digital mark...
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Make sure to follow the tutorial step by step and everything will work fine, if it is not the case, try to screenshot the issue and the code snippet so we can help you
You can follow this easy tutorial to add a divider section to your Shopify store 
Hi,Whatever i do to give the width and height attribute for an image, google speed insight still showing that the height and width are still missing. Any solutions to this guys ?Thank you in advance
Hi Victor, thanks for the answer, unfortunately, we already tried this but it didn't work, by the way, the default store currency is USD
Hi there, here is the store link :
Hi,How to remove the currency code from appearing in the store? for example : we want to show only : 404 MAD without the currency code "Dh", screenshot belowNote : the store in under Sense themeThanks in advance 
Hi all,Facebook pixel seems not to recording the currency code for the store MuslimBlocks the store is made on the Sense theme, the error given by Faceboon is attached on the screenshot below Any idea guys on how to solve this issue ?Thanks in advanc...
I made a video tutorial on Youtube about adding a breadcrumb, but many have encountered the same issue,so here is the fix to it
Great article, thank you. I am glad you mentioned Plak as one of the first fastest Shopify themes, I am its developer. I am happy to help merchznts through my new company Scrowp
Hi there, Marouane RHAFLI, I am the developer of Plak theme Arabic, I sold the company year ago, and the new owner seems not to run the business as it should be. If you need an Arabic Shopify store I invite you to get in touch with me at marouane@scr...
Hi there,This counter section is available on scrowp theme, but the great news is that I prepared a tutorial to add it on Dawn theme, you can find the full tutorial in this link
Hi there,I just uploaded a video on my Youtube Chanel where you will be able to add the comparison slider (Before/after) to your Shopify store, the tutorial contains all the needed codes to have the section enabled on your store.Kind regards,Marouane
Hi there,We have uploaded a video on youtube in this link so you can follow the guidance in order to improve your shopify store speed
Hi there,I know this thread is a bit old, but here is the solution for Shopify merchants using Scrowp or Dawn theme.
In order to add divider / spacer between sections on Dawn theme, I invite you to follow this easy tutorial on Youtube made by Marouane RHAFLI
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