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Hi, sometimes I write to my users using an email from their shop on important stuff, but they never respond. How can I go in contact with them? Some opt-in on installation? Communicate it in the app? Would appreciate any thoughts
Try to write in support, I believe they will help
Hi, Shopify has ui-nav-menu element to build in a nice system menu, however it works wrong for some reason when I navigate: in my case I go to "Manage plan" (it's alright), then I click "Help" — and here I navigate to Help page BUT highlighting stays...
Up, do you have more ideas?
thanks, though my trial period is 1 day, so it's really soon to be able to get a feedback as I see
Hi, In our app users almost don't give their feedback in app store if give-us-review alert is shown in our app. We think it might be due to the bad timing as Shopify restricts review posting right after install (soon when we ask, and after that the a...
Hi everyone! Hope everything is good. I have a Shopify App and I'd like to collect more user feedback. I have two questions and I would appreciate if you share your thought on it. 1. How to make it actually work? Any tips? I look at my stats and see ...
Could you please recommend some service to record user actions inside my Shopify App? Hotjar doesn't seem to work because of iframe
How is it possible to measure user actions between merchants and your Shopify App? I see that the app is in iframe and there are some limitation, but still.Do you have any idea how to get some visual stats regarding using of your app?thanks
Hi there,it's a quite common problem as I see, but it seems there's still no reliable solution. I submit the app to the review and keep getting the rejection:   App must set security headers to protect against clickjacking. Your app must set the prop...
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