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Thank you so much! This worked! I appreciate your help!
I've got the buttons to finally and link to my saved active pages but they won't link there when you click on the buttons. 
It's doing the same thing. When I go in and add the information and links for the button it will show up and appear to work in the editor. But when I save the changes and then view the website the buttons do not appear. Please help! 
I recently found custom code to plug in and create a three column multi column section in my Dawn Theme. The code worked well for the layout portion, but each column has it's own unique button and right now I can't get those buttons to work. In the e...
I'm still looking for a solution to this. Anyone able to help? 
Below is the code I used when I searched for the problem and found a solution. It worked except for the links in the buttons. My website address is    {{ 'section-multicolumn.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}<link rel="...
I was able to use custom code to change the multi column section of my Dawn theme to add a link button at the bottom of each column instead of just the one button on the standard code. However, I cannot get the outgoing links to work. The links will ...
First of all I apologize but I have searched and cannot find specifically what I was looking for and I have zero knowledge of coding. I was able to find a YouTube video that allowed me to change the code to add color swatches for my product variants ...
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