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Hi @CH23, I appreciate you coming back to me. This is looking like a custom code issue rather than a settings issue. I appreciate your efforts though!
Hi Skye, I appreciate your help.I am using a custom theme here as I am a web designer by trade. I am confident this is a custom coding issue but the usual code fixes don't seem to be working. I also appreciate your kind feedback on the look and feel ...
Hi Skye. I appreciate your response.Yes customers can still add this product to the cart when I have those options selected as mentioned. Also, when I select these options the text no longer switches to 'Sold out' on the sold out variants.I will add ...
Hello all. I am attempting to grey out and disable the add to cart button when you select a sold out variant. I have tried so many different liquid variables and other various ways of achieving this but none of them seem to work.I have linked here on...
Good Morning and thank you for your reply.Sorry, yes the Tapi Carpets link is the sample link. My website link is here: again.
Hello all, I am attempting to create and inline product form on the product page which will list recommended products. I am aiming to have the the product added to the cart and removed from the cart when a user increases or decreases the quantity val...
Hi SmallTalk, I am looking to custom code this as upsell apps can be very un-customisable and heavy.Thanks.
My apologies. There store URL is:
Good Morning all, I was wondering if you someone could help me. I have recently built a website for a flooring company which offer a variety of flooring styles.The client has asked if there is potential to add an 'additional extras' section. This wou...
Hi all. I am currently creating a website for a flooring company and on the product page they offer 'flooring accessories' - for example trims or underlay etc. They wan't to upsell this but don't want users to view these products on a physical produc...
Hi @LitCommerce thankyou very much this works perfectly!!
Hi, This is the preview link to the gift card page: Thanks!
Hi @LitCommerce apologies on the delay, I sent over the theme source code which I downloaded directly from Shopify. I'm not sure what other code you would require.Thank you for your help on this!
Hi @LitCommerce great idea! Thanks for that. I have attached the theme code below:--
Hi @LitCommerce currently I am unable to create staff accounts on the website as I do not have suffice permission as the website has just been pushed live. Apologies as this will make the task much more difficult.
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