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Thanks for the reply. I think the problem is that my Locations, Markets and Shipping zones don't all map 1-1.  Thanks for the app suggestion - I'll have a look at that. It would be annoying if I can't do it natively and have to pay for an app. Maybe ...
I have 3 locations holding my inventory. I want to fulfil orders from specific locations based on a customer's country.i.e. if a customer is in the US I want to fulfil from my US inventory and if a customer is in Germany I want to fulfil from my EU i...
Nope, sadly I've not found anything in Shopify for this.
Hmm, seems like the answer is no then. That's pretty lame from Shopify isn't it.
Hi Jose, thanks for the reply.  I'm trying to avoid using third-party apps, but if that changes I'll bear yours in mind. Cheers,Rob
Hi Emily,  Thanks for the response. That makes sense, but unfortunately won't work for me. I'm using different third-party logistics partners for different regions so from a privacy point of view I only want them to be able to see order relevant to t...
To ship my products I have two different fulfilment centres - one in the US and one in Europe. I want to give a staff member access to only the European orders so he can fulfil just those. Is this possible? Thanks!Rob
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