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I'd like to record some information before the user starts checkout. How do I listen for event start checkout on the page?
Hello, I am currently working on implementing webhook events for my Shopify app and have a couple of questions that I would appreciate your assistance with: As each merchant configures a different billing cycle in their Shopify backend, I am facing c...
My app was rejected because when the merchant reinstalled the app, my app didn't OAuth immediately。The following is the email information and recording screen of the reviewer。 The current process of my app is...
It is required to include the screenshot of Lighthouse test in the g. app review instructions section, but part G is a textarea input box, and I can't add pictures in it. What's the matter? What should I do?
My products / create webhook has been prompting failures recently. The screenshot is as follows. I found that there are 502 responses, but there are also 200 responses, and they are very regular. Often, there are six 502 responses followed by a 200 r...
Thank you for your answer,this is the feedback from the reviewers,Is there any problem with my app?First submission: submission:Thank you for your feedback. I've changed the picture with background co...
My app was rejected by the reviewer because my app was not OAuth verified when the merchant reinstalled it. However, my app will be OAuth verified when the merchant installs and reinstalls it. I have tested and verified it. From the email feedback fr...
Thank you very much for your answer
I'm working on an app recently, which is used to track the distributor of the order, so I need to get the order ID on the thank you page. How should I do this? This problem bothered me for a long time.
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