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Hi everyone, I have changed the theme of my website, and now I have a different code. Before with the Venture Theme, I have customised my collection page to have one part of my collection above the products and one another part under the product sepa...
Hi @PageFly-Noah I tried qnd only the title has changed : I would like to have the description similar as this product description : So below the images and not in a single block but the description sgould take the width of the page.Thank you for you...
Hi @PageFly-Noah unfortunately, it still doesn't work 
Hi @PageFly-Noah  I tried the second solution but it didn't change anything. And can you please be more explicit for the first solution please ? Wher do I need to delete  space of "text" and ":" ? In which file ? Thank you
Hi @PageFly-Noah  would you be able to find a solution ? Thank you 
Hi Noah, thank you for your reply, I would like to have my product description, who the text will be adapted to the width of the page. So not in one block. the Url of my website ist the following Url :
Hello everyone,  I have the Venture version 12.2.0, and I would like to align the text on my product page under the images and not in a single block.Could wou please help me to resolve this problem ?Thank you !on my screenshots I'm showing how I woul...
Hi Greta, thank you for your support here. No unfortunately it's with the shopify analytics overview that I can't see the country.
Hi everyone, since few days ago, I'm not able to track the country of the visitors from my website. I contacted the shopify chat support, and they told me to add the cookies on my website, but it didn't resolve the problem. I added a review app on my...
Hello everyone, I created this week some quantity products discount for my website and I would like to know, if when the client click apply the quantity that he wants, the reduction could apply directly on the product page ? Because for now the clien...
Bonjour à tous, J'ai créé cette semaine des remises sur des produits en quantité pour mon site et j'aimerais savoir si lorsque le client clique sur la quantité qu'il souhaite, la réduction pourrait s'appliquer directement sur la page du produit ? Car...
Hello everyone, I would like to add an enterprise section in my contact page, on my venture theme.Someone has an idea ? Thanks for your help 
Ok and at which place do I should add this code in the theme.scss file ? 
     I would like that the text " découvrez..." suits to the border productIs it possible ? 
Thanks for your help : this is my website
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