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Hi!I'm working with shopify automation, and I'm looking to tag clients by product buyed, but i not find the options... where is?thx
Because I'm trying to not install an app for every need and I would try to use the "tools" already presents in shopify.. So, someone know if is possible to filter "client by products variants" and not only for products?thx
Hello, I'm trying to "improve my client targetting". I see in the client "filter "products_purchased() CONTAINS"ok, but my question is... because i would target by variant (my products have different variants), how can I do?I try to put the id of var...
Is possible to hide buy button to all client except for who is subscribed to the mailing list?I need to code, (i would'nt use plug in) do you know witch code?thx
I contact the help... and the plug in works only with number of orders not with number of total products.. other options?thx for thelp
ok. but i need "after 10 producs buy" (so could be 2 order of 5 for examples)
How can I filter the clients by number of products (and not of orders)thx
How can give a automatic discount when a client have bought (in total) 10 products in the past orders?thx
Hello, how can easy integrate the 3 payment method in shopify ? thx
is there a plugin (possibly free) that allows me to add a free "hidden" product (and therefore inaccessible from the store) every few products of a certain type purchased?
Good morning,I would like to create a survey with google (or if you know other systems) and at the end of the survey the person will receive an email with a discount code.What I would like is that the link containing the discount code was not "sharea...
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