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The problem is that you're trying to update the customer's phone field, but you're using Update customer metafield which updates the customer metafields, not the customer fields. You can read more about metafields here.   Flow doesn't have an action ...
It's hard to know without some more details. Could you post screenshots of the workflow run log, the metafield definition, and the metafield value on the product from that run?
Can you share screenshots of your workflow and the workflow run log? It's difficult to know what's going wrong without more detail.You can update metafields with Flow. For example the Update customer metafield action.
You can use the Update customer note action. You can use variables in the note field to add phone numbers or other customer information. Clicking Add a variable and choosing Customer -> addresses -> phone gives the following result.  
@cybko That appears correct to me. Have you tried just assigning the metafield value without any filters to see what happens? It's possible the value isn't found or isn't what you expect. If you are getting what you expect, then you could try applyin...
You can create a workflow that starts with a Product Added to Store trigger, check whatever inventory condition you want (eg. product.totalInventory less than or equal to 0), and then use the Hide Product action.After this workflow is turned on, you ...
It looks like you have `Lijst met waarden` selected on the metafield definition, so this will expect a list of single line strings.You'll need to create a new metafield definition if you only want a single value to be stored per key.If you want multi...
In your metafield definition, you defined it as a single line of text, one word.You'd need to select `Single line text` as the type in Flow to match that.
The metafield namespace and key you're using in Flow do not match the metafield definition you created.Your metafield definition has namespace of `Variant_field` and key of `maten_van_varianten`.Your workflow is using namespace `Maat` (which is the n...
Can you confirm that the metafield exists on the customer? If you open up your customer you should see a list of metafields.   If the metafield doesn't exist on the customer, then none of the customer metafields will match the key you're looking for...
The workflow will only find the tags that exist on the customer at the time the `Get customer data` step runs. The workflow in your screenshot is on a scheduled trigger, so it will only get data at that scheduled time.If you also want to run a workfl...
It's hard to know without seeing the new workflow.Steve's suggestion above should solve your issue though. Have you tried that solution?
I don't see the productParents field in the unstable version of the REST API for Product Variant.It is in the unstable version of the graphql API for Product Variant.
The `productParents` field is not in the latest release of the API - it is still in the unstable version. It will need to be in the latest release before Flow exposes the field.
See docs on auth here   Is it possible you're using an access token for a different shop or app?
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