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Hello @ZaheedaT All the free themes are almost similar, so you can copy and paste the code from other theme which has the file and use it mostly there will be some css changes needed for it which you can have it later. 
Hello @Miss_Stripewell  You need to connect your second domain with the store and then create Shopify markets to use it. This way you can have two domains pointing to the same store with different currency and language (Considering to create Bilingua...
Hello @aRogue You can install a fresh theme and change sections CSS padding and margin code with the current theme's code.
Actually, I am facing an issue that is that when I choose product from collection page and go to that product page when I click on back button it takes me to the top of collection page. But I want the customer to stay same on the line from where they...
Hello, I am trying to make a grapghql api call using this tutorials But when I make the request I get this error for each call, could any please help me with what I can doing w...
Hello @rheabhargava You can try these steps:>> 
Hello @oscaroline Can you please provide me the code file where you have placed this code.
Hello @rheabhargava Your site is password protected please provide me with the password to check the gif image.
Hello @KLine23 In the shopify admin's shipping settings you can create a custom shipping rate for these products separately or you can use some shipping app for this purpose.
Hello @oscaroline  Please add this code at bottom of base.css file. There is some code on your store which is hiding the select box from the product. variant-selects, .product-form__input .select { display: block !important; }
Hello @J-SMI I can not tell something for this, you are using same section of the product page if so then there can't be the issue. If possible could you please provide me with the screenshot or code file of the section.Also there can the case of JSO...
Hello @lucas_11 Sorry, but it is a time consuming task you would need professional help for this. Please connect with a developer to achieve you goal because I can not write the whole coding logic here without knowing the code files
Hello @honiecel  Please refer to this documentation provided by the Shopify:
Hello @ArashDATA You can achieve this using metafields, put the color hexa code  in the metafield and for the collection then you will set this metafield . It will have the background css for that collection.
Hello @lucas_11 To achieve this we would need to make amends in the html of the page as well as to add some custom css.If we do apply only css for this task then it will fail on some devices due to different widths. Also some js code is needed too fo...
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