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On the mobile version of the site: I'd like to change the body font to Body Text Regular instead of the font it is under now (this is on the home page). What code can I use to change this?   Thanks...
Hi - can't seem to change the font (via custom.css) for the Product Reviews and UGC widget from app.  Theme: Flow 31.0 Site:  Thanks!
The code above actually also changed this "Join Mailing List" section. Which code can specify the logo banner only? 
Thanks it worked when I added !important .homepage-sections-wrapper.homepage-sections-wrapper--dark {padding-top:0 !important;padding-bottom:0 !important;}
Hey! How do I decrease the padding around the featured logos bar on the homepage?   Store link: Thanks in advance.
How can I change the navigation numbers font? Already tried .pagination but not working. Thanks! Site: 
Hi! How do I change the font of Shopping Cart in this drawer?I'd also like to capitalize the C so it's "Shopping Cart".  Store link: https://vtze9uhjodrhx4fb-12859847.shopifypreview.comThank you.
Hi!Would like to change the submenu font in the megamenu:Help is appreciated thank you. Site link: Cheers!
Hi there,I've installed a custom font by uploading the ttf file into Assets and adding the following code in custom.css. However when I go on any other computer the font doesn't display correctly. How do I correct this? Thank you!____________________...
Hi!What code do I use to add more space above the heading of pages? Image attached:Here is the preview link: Thanks for all your help!
Hi all! What code do I insert to unbold this blog title preview text and minimize the space above and below the photos? Here is the preview link: Thanks in advance.
amazing that worked thank you!
Hey everyone,Under the Support and Chronicles headings, the text seems to be too dark or under some darken code. I'd like the colour to be the same orange as all the other text in the screenshot.  Here is the preview: https://t4rey0ff3e2vi2r1-1285984...
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