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Bio: I'm Ola, a Shopify expert focused on Marketing and sales funnel, Shopify store setup, development, and troubleshooting, content writing, visual conten...

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I checked the link and I add to cart but the cart box was loaded immediately
HelloPlease add this code in your slidshow.liquid file <div class="banner__buttons">                <a{% if block.settings.link %} href="{{ block.settings.link }}"{% else %} role="link" aria-disabled="true"{% endif %} class="button {% if block.settin...
If I get you right, you have a collection named vendor and you want your customers directed to it when they click on link to vendor?
Do you need help fixing it?If yes, rea ch out
Only products that have one image will show bigger, others will show the next image, check the store link you sent as well
Some features are not accepted on free theme
Do you knowledge on shopify theme liquid?
Follow this then First step just copy the reveal code here to your theme.scss.liquidhttps://gist.github.com/carolineschnapp/63fd3c4327a466174aa8 Then find your "product-grid-item.liquid"Search {% if featured_image.src== blank %} in the codeIt will lo...
If you want it to have sound, it will not play automatically on all browser
Hello. To add a hover effect, it's either from your theme where you select show next image as hover or you will need to add some CSS code to your theme's stylesheet: From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes. Find the theme you want to edi...
Go to Navigation and drag the ones you want to make sub-category under where you want it to be
Which of the Shopify theme are you using? Free or Premium. The premium theme gives you the option to design for mobile as well as design
Hello. Step 1: Choose Shipping.Step 2: Edit shipping zone.Step 3: Click Add rate.Step 4: Select a carrier.Step 5: Check mail classes.Step 6: Include mail classes.Step 7: Add a markup.Step 8: Click Done. If you need help, let me know
Hello. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.Navigate to Online store-> Themes-> click on edit code.Go to Snippets-> click on icon-search. liquid.Delete the contents of this file and click on save. ...This will delete your Shopify search button as shown...
Hello. How did you ad the image, If it's through coding, then you need to add <video controls autoplay>  some browsers does not allow autoplay, then you need to add muted for it to play automatically on every browser
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