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Hi, so what do i do with the screenshot you provided? What do i do with the coding?? 
Sorry to bother you again- I believe that your coding helped with most of the boxes on my site but it didnt work for the "contact us" section for the email, phone number and the message. Id appreciate if you could help. thanks 
I want the text in the middle of the slideshow. It is on the bottom and I dont really like the way it looks. No other theme had it from what i saw. Is there coding I can use to center the text in the middle of the images for all 3 pictures in the sli...
Go onto the website, add product to cart, then try and hit "checkout"... it wont work. I tried the checkout button file resetting it and it didnt work.
I checked and that one seems normal. The issue is with the checkout button itself. Heres the issue, im using a non-shopify theme so the file titles arent the same. However, heres a list of the buttons i have opened and edited...: I can give you a lis...
Yea, I found older versions of it. Which file should i try and put back to normal?
Its for the checkout button. Like the worst possible thing ever. If you add something to your cart on my website and hit checkout it doesnt let you. I would assume if its a coding issue which it should be, I would need to just put the OLD code back. ...
It worked for some of the boxes, not all. Could you do me a huge favor and answer another major problem i have? I will accept your solution 2x... I have a checkout button that is not working. I might have screwed my code up... Is there any way you co...
Wait but how do I remove it from my store without losing everything. 
Help- checkout not working. Here is my checkout-button.liquid code:  <button type="submit" name="checkout" class="btn btn--primary btn--checkout full {% if type == "page" %}cart__checkout{% endif %}" {% if disabled %}disabled{% endif %}><span class="...
Hi,  if you scroll to the bottom of my page where newsletter is, you see that the "YOUR EMAIL" text is in black. However, if you type on it, it is white. how do i also make that black? i want that option for ALL textboxes requiring text on my site, i...
Hi,  when i scroll to the bottom of my website, there is a white box which has an arrow but there is supposed to be a black arrow there.  however, when i used the code someone else gave me, it changed the text for the cart, and other two icons in the...
I added some code but it just stopped working completely. I dont know what to do. I worked on this store for over two days and after im 99% done it basically just stopped now. Is there coding I can add to make it work? It worked THE WHOLE TIME I was ...
Yes that worked. Other than that, there isnt any more issues other than a major one. my checkout doesnt work.... it used to work and i feel it may be from coding. Is there any way you'd be able to check if you see anything interfering with it in codi...
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