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It would be very helpful feature and clearly many developer needs it. Any update would be helpful!!
Hi @mikefortney  Are you getting the order/purchase details for 2.0 themes as well using ScriptTags on thank_you page? Also, Is there any major challenge by adding `write_script_tags` scope for app in the review process? Hi all,Is there another way i...
I want to capture Purchase details for every user(run time) via my App and App Extension. It seems app extension don't work in checkout pages or even in thank_you page. How else can I get those details for analysis. I don't want to create an Shopify ...
Hi, any update on this? It is becoming a blocker for my app.
@AvadaCommerce yes and this is weirdly occurring. If I try the request with small data it works, but if I try with long paragraph I get this exception. Below cURL request adds the data to the file. curl --location --request PUT 'https://cooee-test-st...
I have created a Shopify App which add/update assets files to themes. For this I am using HTTP PUT request on: https://your-development-store.myshopify.com/admin/api/2022-01/themes/828155753/assets.json  As a response, I am getting Socket hung up exc...
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