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Hi,  I want to inject a bit of code on the Order creation template to show both the vat rate AND amount for each item on the order. Currently it just shows the vat rate/amount as a total at the end. Thanks
Hi,  I want to be able to allow certain customers to send custom order requests. Most customers buy stocked items, however certain larger repeat customers almost always have specific dimensions of products, which we produce to order. The purchase ord...
Hi,  I currently use google tag manager to track usage of my website and reporting in GA4. I want to also track transaction data, such as :1. Transaction completion2. Transaction amount3. Original campaign/source of the transaction Do i have to set u...
The solution provided only works if you use the standard text area provided in the standard page template, however if you are using any other page widget (banners, text etc) to build your page then this will not work as none of these widgets allow yo...
I want to email a segment of existing customers who made a purchase up until a certain date, however it appears that you can only email customers who have subscribed to receive emails. There is a post here where the given solution is to create a tag,...
Hello, i'm not quite sure what this means. What tag needs to be added? 
Could someone confirm if the shopify privacy app allows for management of when cookies are set? The fundamental issue seems to be that even if you have the "restrict data collection" settings AND have the privacy banner app enabled, marketing cookies...
This seems to affect mobile too, although in the CSS i cant see a line for mobile to override it.
That's great thanks, i was pasting it into the wrong css file!
Hi, i dont mind how many are displayed, it could be 3 or 4 in a row. I just want the remaining items on the next row to display in exactly the same way (so that the whole list is a grid), rather than the 'card' layout which it seems to increase the s...
The featured collection component in this theme seems to increase the image size if there are fewer items on that row, resulting in quite a messy layout. How can this be restricted so that each preview image is the same size and dimensions?  
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